Quantum Computing School 2021

No longer belonging to the ivory tower of scientists, noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) computers available for public use have been successfully manufactured. Thanks to quantum superposition and quantum entanglement, quantum computing can be parallel at the bit level and exponentially speed up calculations, exploring the tremendous potential to revolutionalize almost every aspect of society. NISQ computer still has large errors with a small number of qubits and has not proved it quantum supremacy. Separated from commercialization with a few technical obstacles, the current stage of quantum computers is similar to classical computers in 1950.


The “Quantum Computing School: Theory and Applications” provide students fundamental knowledge in quantum computing and implementing quantum algorithms on actual quantum computers available publicly from IBM. The School will start with an introduction to linear algebra and quantum physics, supporting students from various disciplines to follow. Employing IBM’s Qiskit package, the School will deliver primary quantum algorithms that students will practically execute on real quantum computers. Finally, the School will shortly introduce advanced topics in quantum computation: quantum machine learning and quantum chemistry

Deadline for school application: June 15th 2021


– Mathematical and physical foundation for quantum computation

– Quantum hardware overview

– Introduction to quantum computation and algorithms

– Practice on quantum programming and execution of actual quantum computers 

– Introduction to hybrid quantum-classical algorithm (VQE) 

– Advanced topics: quantum machine learning and quantum chemistry